School holiday has begun…

Day 1

The kids have been on school holiday since Monday….

Unfortunately though for now, I didn’t plan for their daily activities unlike their previous school holiday but I will get to it!

On Monday, we went to my sis’ place. I worked from her place and the kids got to play with their cousin, Aaron the WHOLE afternoon and evening!

Win-Win situation I’d say.

While I worked, the kids played with ALL of Aaron’s toys, they played catch, they swam, they role played….Bottom line is that they enjoyed each other’s company and had LOADS of fun!

Day 2

On the 2nd day of the school holiday, I started Ashley on mandarin tuition. We hired a private tutor to come to the house twice a week for an hour each time so that she has someone to speak Mandarin to and guide her. Yesterday was her first day and as expected, she was veryyyyy quiet and did her work diligently. The tutor asked me whether she was usually that quiet and I was quick to respond, “NOOOOooooo” while shaking my head from side to side.

Day 3 – which is today….

I’ll update what the kids did another day.

I’m thankful though that they are quite taken with their Kakak Siti which make life much easier for me 🙂

BTW, this is my first gif animation which I created using Photoshop 7. I learnt it from this tutorial at YouTube.

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  1. hee hee..very good! I was waiting to hear the splashhh!!!..but then’s not a movie!

    tee hee…

  2. Ohhhhh, this gif water splashing animation is great, just wonder whether I can download Phtoshop 7 online?!

    Btw, my girl also tends to be quite bashful and quiet at school, but at home… she is a true rascal!=_=

    Have a joyful holiday!

  3. thanks for the tutorial, always wanted to make one but dunno how. now i need photoshop 7 first 🙂
    mind to share your mandarin tutor contact with me? im quite worried when school starts coz my boy will be forced to speak mandarin then since he’ll be in the mandarin stream *sigh*

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