Theme Day

It was theme day at the kindy last week.

Theme for nursery kids was Recycle.

Theme for the K-kids was Fruits and vegetables.

So I we got to working…..

We started working on Aidan’s stuff.

Thank God for the internet, I managed to print some Recycle logos onto sticker paper.

I made Aidan a neck tie and a bag out of newspaper and decorated them with the recycle logo stickers.

Check these out.


This is the bag made from recycled paper.  I printed the recycle logo onto sticker paper and stuck it onto the bag. He looks so proud to be carrying that bag 🙂

 Here’s the necktie I made for Aidan.  Not sure if you can see it properly as I laid the tie on the bag.

 And here’s what we did for Ashley’s fruits and vegetables theme.

 This is Ashley’s basket of fruits and vegetable. I printed picture of fruits and vegetable for her on sticker paper and got her to stick all over her heart-shaped fruits and vegeatbles basket.

And on the day itself…they looked like this….



 This is the back of Aidan’s shirt. I stuck the recycle logo on the back of his shirt too!

Love it!

Btw, I read about the hairclips Barb bought for her Ashley and couldn’t resist it!  AShley’s wearing of one of it. Check out what else I got for her.

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  1. what an effort mommy…u r one great hot mom 😛
    i super like that cheeky smile of aidan…shy shy liddat, very ‘tak-yi’ !!

  2. woahhh! very artistic you are!!! both of the things are veryvery nice arr!! good creative skills. hehe now i must check your other blog. im save your other blog too! so i can check whats new !!


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