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I promised to share what I got from  my Singapore trip  – eventually.  And I plan to do it slowly as most of the items I bought are clothing items so as and when it is being worn, I will photograph it. – eventually.

The first thing I bought is in my shopping blog. Go check it out.

I bought the top Ashley is wearing above from Fox Kids. It’s a halter neck top which ends at the hips (cause I got her a size suitable for 8yo) and she wore leggings with this top. If you want a clearer picture of it, check it out at the Fox website. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the kids?) I got more stuff for them than for myself. Or more like I got more stuff for ASHLEY than for anyone else. There’s just so many pretty things you can get for little girls, don’t you agree??? While we adults make sure that we don’t wear clothes that don’t flatter our bodies or select makeup which flatters our features or what not, kids look good  as they are and they look good in anything!! I’m thankful that I have a little girl to play dress-up with 🙂

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  1. very nice dress…wish can see the whole piece 😀
    indeed thankful…coz i hv none to PLAY dress-up, jelesnya… 😛

  2. same with me, I keep on buying nice pretty dresses for Malaika and I hardly buy any clothes for Kelsey. Girls just have more cute stuff. And me, I am glad that I have a girl to play dressing up with 🙂

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