a haunting movie which makes me wanna hug my kids more often!

Now that the kids go to bed early on weeknights, Hubs and I get a chance to catch up on movies on DVDs. A couple of nights ago, we watched Changeling (Starring Angelina Jolie). While Hubs practically slept throughout the movie, I enjoyed the quiet time I had to concentrate on this movie. This movie is based on a true story – about a mother’s quest to find her son who were up against corrupted police in LA. After watching this movie, I just felt that I had to hug my kids more often and tighter and always constantly remind myself to be thankful for my kids – that they are safe and free of any exposure to illnesses.

So if you are reading this – forget about your kids not finishing their food or milk. Forget about the tantrums they threw this morning.  Just give them a big bear hug and a big wet kiss and tell them today, how much you love them!

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