I’ve been hooked…

..to the Twilight Saga! We had the DVD for quite some time now but we never got round to watch it. So 2 fridays ago, I decided to watch it and the next day, I bought the Twilight Saga books and was soooo hooked on the books! I was literally in a Twilight daze for 1 week last week! Sounds pathetic eh? But hey! The story line doesn’t only appeal to teenage girls eh! It also appeal to other Twilight moms too – it seems.

Anyhow, I’ve finished all 4 books already and would probably have to buy diet pill since I haven’t been talking my walks in the evenings – all my free time was used up to read read read  last week!

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  1. Robert Pattinson is such a lomantic vampire kan! eeek… u finished reading the 4 books?!?! keng man, actually i been thinking abt getting the books too… sei lor… money spending again!

    can’t wait for NEWMOON to be out end of this nov 09!

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