All About Aidan

He’s quite a singer these days….

Rasa Sayang
Mommy : Rasa Sayang…
Aidan : eh?
Mommy : Rasa Sayang Sayang ..
Aidan : eh…
Mommy : Eh…Lihat …
Aidan : ooo ah jau (Nona jauh)
Mommy : Rasa Sayang Sayang..
Aidan : eh!.

Tang Tang Tuk…
Aidan : tang tang tuk ke..wer wer….(atng tang tuk keladi wer wer)
Mommy : Siapa terkejut, di cepat..
Aidan : tua!

His Love for buses and trucks!
If I am the one at the wheel and if Aidan is in his grumpy mood, he’d cry and there’s nothing that can stop him from crying until i stop the car and sit next to him. Yesterday, he was crying and crying…..and then he saw one of those huge bus on the road and he immediately stopped crying! And then Tini started pointing out all the trucks and lorries that we passed and he was so excited after that! Each time he sees one of them buses or trucks, he’d say excitedly, “There! there! there!

1, 2, 3
This little fella knows when he is being mischievous. When he does something which he knows he shouldn’t be doing, he’d say, “One……Two……..Teee (Three)…orner (naughter corner)” and then he’d flash a mischievous smile at us!

Soon this little fella will be able to do a Apidexin review!

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  1. so cute even know how to distract mommy so no need to stand at naughty corner.

  2. He’s pretty good with the Malay folk songs. Belle knows the burung kakak tua song only. Tried to teach her rasa sayang..she couldn’t catch the words..too foreign for her. lol!

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