After 2 weeks of practising, I’m glad to say that I have started my wire bead ring range and have added it into my treasure box. Have a lookie here. I tell ya….and I’m sure other beaders will atest to it that once you start rolling…you can’t stop making ’em! My finger tips are sore no more. At first, they did hurt – like how your finger tips would hurt when you start playing the guitar but after awhile, those finger tips will be just fine!  More wire bead rings in the making…I just can’t stop making them! hELP!

On another note…..the lil fella decided to  carry the stool which was in our bathroom one day, placed it on the floor in our bedroom so that he could climb on top of it to switch on the A/C.


…and when Ashley wanted to help him get down the chair, he held his hand up to get her to step away from him. *tsk*tsk*tsk*

He is a cheeky boy I tell ya….

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