Good Morning Kiddos!

11 Jan 09 – The kids drinking their milk first thing in the morning on a lazy sunday morning…..

And as usual, Aidan will be the first one to finish his milk while Ashley takes her own sweet time…..

Aidan is picking up more words each day…just the other day, when Tini was about to feed him some porridge, he said “Tak Mau” (malay for ‘don’t want’) 

His favorite word now is “No Nooo” – thanks to us I suppose 🙂

And each time he finish drinking his milk, he’d say, “Finish!”

Although he cannot string up a few words and talk, he can surely understand us when we speak to him.

Aidan is having major separation anxiety when I leave him for awhile. I think it’s partly because when I work from home and when I leave him with Tini and go off to my study room to work, I don’t come back for him until lunch or break time – which is after 2-3 hours. *sigh*…

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