working from home with the kids…

…….can be both rewarding and frustrating at times. But for the most part, it is nice to be with the kids at home while I work.

11 Nov 08 – Lil Aidan playing with his cars next to me at my home office….

Aidan’s favourite truck

He’d purposely wheel the cars off the chair and table until they crash onto the floor! Boys will be boys!

While Aidan was playing with his cars, Ashley was making a mess on the floor of my home office! Luckily, I have a maid to clean up the mess 🙂 heheheh….

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  1. Look at how Aidan has grown! You must be beaming with pride! Ashley looks so pretty with the flower tucked in her hair there… awww,…

  2. hey at least they don’t kacau u.

    haha…vyktore also does that to his car. lately he likes to bang his car on the floor 😐

  3. i can never work at home with the kids around. they’ll keep talking and talking to me.

    i love boys! they’re just so hardcore and creative on their own! heh… so biased…. *wink*

  4. cute kids u have there! u are right that boys will be son also like to bang his cars, lorries or trucks and sometimes even senduk on the wall! by the way can i link to ur site?

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