his first, her third

We had a joint party to celebrate Aidan’s 1st birthday and Ashley’s 3rd birthday last Saturday (10 May 08). It was a late birthday party for Aidan as the part was 2 days after his actualy birthday and an early party for Ashley as her birthday is on the 2 June. I felt a bit guilty cause I started preparing for Ashley’s 1st birthday party  3 months before the party and 2 months before her 2nd birthday bash  but for Aidan’s 1st party….I started to organize it like 3 weeks before!

The Birthday Boy and Girl

My Lil Taukeh – chillin’ on Uncle Terence’s lap.

And look at the reluctant birthday girl…..

Aidan was oblivious to what was happening…had to clap his hands for him 🙂

The Birthday Cake


We didn’t celebrate it at Marmalade nor did we order the cake from Lilian like we used to. (Lilian’s cake prices have gone UP!) This time, we ordered cupcakes from Special Cakes – thanks for Jazz’s recommendations. I must say not only do they look pretty, they taste YUMMY!

For Aidan’s cupcakes, I ordered the chocolate cupcake with Jungle Animals on them.

For Ashley’s cupcakes, I ordered the vanilla cupcakes with Little Fairies (they look more like mermaids!) and Butteflies on them.

These cupcakes don’t come cheap though. I ordered a total of 50 cupcakes and paid RM306! BUT!? They look good and tastes really good! I can vouch for that cause for someone who’d through any cake leftovers, I actually had the leftover cupcakes for breakfast for the next 3 days! and the best part? The icing or whatever you call it on the top of the cupcakes are not so sweet!

The Venue

Oh and did I mention? We had the party at our house for family and close friends. My house is so small and everyone wanted to be in the air-conditioned house and thus my living hall/dining area was packed with people!

The Balloons


So since we decided to have the party at our house, we decided to decorate the place with some balloons. So off we went to the party shop at Ikano. Let me warn you – they are throat-cutters! Their Helium balloons go for RM1.80 for the balloons and addition RM4.00 for the helium PER balloon. So if you’re thinking of getting Helium Balloons? Forget about that party shop (there is only 1 party shop at Ikano). Everyother place e.g. Balloons Bouquet and the little kiosk outside of the Giant Supermarket at Atria are selling the Helium balloons for Rm2.50 each (inclusive of balloon, helium, ribbon and a washer tied to the end of the ribbon).

I also decorated the huge play pen borrowed from my sis with the helium balloons but strangely enough…I didn’t snap any pictures of it! I must have been to busy!

The Pressies

Both Ashley and Aidan received lots and lots of pressies!

There are more which are not in the picture. Thank you for the pressies! You know who you are!:P

Aidan was not so interested in the pressies…he was more interested to tear the wrapping paper so that he could eat the paper!

The Food

…was catered.

The Parents?


Overall – the party was great.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Ashley and Aidan! The cupcakes are expensive.. but if they’re as good as you say they are, I guess ok kua. But the balloons! The last time I bought for Ivan’s party was from SS13… still expensive but much better than your pricing :S

  2. Wooooo.. having a party at home is no joke.. lots of work for the parents, especially the mother I must say.

    Well done.. 😛

  3. good thing that u had the food catered otherwise u will be more knackered than now.

    Happy Birthday to Ashley and Aidan!

  4. Happy Birthday to the both of you:)I remembered having Hayley’s 1st b’day bash at home,and the cleaning up….I usually order my cupcakes frm ‘pretty frosting’,they look great and tastes yummy too.Go check out their website.

  5. Happy Birthday to Ashley and Aidan!
    Sounds like you guys had a lot fun (not to mention the preparation work) 🙂

  6. Happy (belated) birthday to Aidan and happy (be-early) birthday to Ashley! 🙂 Glad that you managed to sort out the food and cakes and all in time. I’m sure the kids had lots of fun!

  7. lucky their birthdays are close together hehehehe.

    but yeahhhh having a party at home is no joke huh??? NOW i know how that feels like hahaha. memang knackered kan??

    happy belated again aidan, and happy birthday in advance ashley!

  8. happy birthday to both A :).

    wah..good thing the cake turn up delicious hehe…ok i better check if I can place order for my boy’s 2nd birthday, which like you, i haven’t plan anything…gosh

  9. wah… u really put lotsa effort into it hoh… very nice… the balloons and cupcakes all… NICE!

    so i guess it’ll be joint birthday celebrations from now on hoh… 😀

  10. ooo..Happy Birthday Aidan and Ashley. The cupcakes are really nice!!!!

  11. Happy belated birthday. The cupcakes are a bit pricey but if you order 2 cakes it comes to the same price, if not more.

    PArties at home are very cosy but hate the cleaning up!~

  12. Happy belated birthday! Sorry for the delay – my PC was locked out from this blog for a while…dunno why…….
    Hey I’m getting Bryan’s cake from Tracey as well this year 🙂

  13. Ashley’s birthday party seemed a bit earlier 🙂
    The cupcakes..woo, that’s so nice! How i wished i can find some here..

  14. Happy birthday Aidan & Ashely!

    The cupcakes look really nice! About the Helium balloon, I bought once from Bangsar Party Shop, it’s so expensive! At that time, two years back they charge RM3 per balloon!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday to Aidan and Ashley!! :)I love the cupcakes, they’re so colorful! I bet it’s as tasty as it look! 🙂

    And you done up your place so nicely…gosh…i haven’t got any balloons for Botak’s party yet….

  16. happy belated birthday ashley and aidan.
    great party .. food was good and cake was great too. u must gimme the number ok.

  17. Hi, your children’s birthday looked wonderful. I was reading up on your info about the helium balloons and the kiosk you were saying outside Giant Atria is selling at RM8 per helium balloon. Guess the price went up afterall =(

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